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Richard came to the States and moved around the east coast for years, finding work in food service, construction, landscaping, the travel industry and various types of manufacturing. He always worked hard and made just enough money to pay his bills and support his drinking habit, but it was the drinking that kept him from maintaining any kind of stable lifestyle. When one job ended, he’d just move on and find another one.

In North Carolina, Richard’s situation got worse and he spent time at several area shelters and rehab programs. A drinking binge led to some prison time where he was able to face his demons and dry out. Once released, he came to Raleigh Rescue Mission, and Richard gives God the credit for bringing him to a place where he can finally get his life in order. He’s discovered newfound skills in landscaping and takes great pride in his vocational training, bringing beauty to the Mission’s building and grounds. His counselors listen and gently guide, and he keeps a daily prayer and devotional sheet, reading scripture and applying it to his current life.

“Raleigh Rescue Mission has done so much for me,” says Richard emphatically. “I finally feel like I have a future. I look in the mirror and I actually think I look YOUNGER. I’m standing on solid ground.” 

Richard is committed to the Mission’s New Life Plan of Rescue, Recovery and Re-Entry. His faith and determination will allow him to move out and make room for so many others who are struggling, especially this year. We anticipate even greater needs in the coming year with food insecurity and evictions causing more individuals and families to experience homelessness, many for the first time. As we anticipate the birth of Jesus in this season of Christmas, join us in praying for the men, women and children we serve.

“I finally feel like I have a future. I look in the mirror and I actually think I look YOUNGER. I’m standing on solid ground.”