Raleigh Rescue Mission has been serving the homeless population for almost 60 years, and during that time we’ve served almost a million men, women, and children. So we know that there is no one face of homelessness.

The homeless that pass through our doors include men, women and children; young and old; black and white; educated and uneducated; employed and unemployed.

What has become clear is that there are root causes for the cycle of poverty and homelessness. It’s also become clear how we can break that cycle.

We have recently implemented our New Life Plan, which creates a clear roadmap for assisting individuals move from homelessness toward home ownership. It is divided into 6 distinct phases which serve as guides for the clients we serve, our employees, our volunteers, and our partners and service providers.

Even though it has very specific steps, the New Life Plan is not a ‘one size fits all’ because there is no one face of homelessness.

New Life Plan

The New Life Plan takes dedication and commitment, and can take from 1 to 2 years to complete. During that time, ALL of the needs of the clients are met, including meals, housing, healthcare, counseling and tutoring. We provide for the basic needs of individuals so they can achieve stability, build resilience, and transform their lives.

We need your help to continue offering the New Life Plan.