After Years of Bad Choices, Newfound Strength for a New Life

Lisa spent about half of her childhood every year in a safe place, a refuge from the rest of the year. Her mom struggled with abusive relationships, and when life became too tough for mom to handle, Lisa and her brother would go to their grandparent’s house until things settled down. They went to church in both homes, but the abuse and tumultuous relationships overshadowed church when they were with mom.

Fighting her own alcoholism, anxiety and depression, Lisa married and had, as she describes, “three beautiful, wonderful children.” But the drinking got worse and she didn’t take her meds. She went back to live with Grandma for several years until Grandma had a fall and moved to assisted living. Lisa was given two weeks to move out, and two dear friends got her into a treatment center. Coming back to Raleigh after five months of treatment, she realized she had absolutely no place to go.

Lisa contacted Raleigh Rescue and was welcomed into the program. Because of her anxiety, the biggest challenge was being around a lot of people. Ironically, the best thing about being at the Mission turned out to be the people she is around: support from her peers and the staff have made all the difference. She’s attending Jobs for Life, talks every day with an AA sponsor who she describes as “the best person in the entire universe,” and demonstrates her administrative skills as the Mission’s front desk receptionist. Next steps? Finding a sustainable office job for starters, furthering her education and eventually, becoming a coach for others with behavioral and addiction issues.

“When I was at my lowest point,” says Lisa, “I asked God ‘Why? Why? Why?’ My faith was dangling in the wind. At the Mission, God and I reconnected. I have a purpose, a drive. I’m working the steps with my AA sponsor, and I talk to my children every day. I’ve learned forgiveness. It’s such a beautiful thing and I’m so grateful I came here.”

It was important to Lisa to share her story. “I want other women to read this and say, ‘If she can do this, I can too.’ I have a strength in me now that I never knew I had.”

Praise God for Lisa’s perseverance and newfound strength on her journey to a new life. Learn more about Raleigh Rescue Mission’s plan for Rescue, Recovery and Re-Entry

"My faith was dangling in the wind. At the Mission, God and I reconnected"