Jobs and Cars and Horses Oh My!

August 25, 2020

Our clients and their children have been busy and productive this month! Join us in thanking God as we celebrate the completion of some milestones on the journey through the Mission’s New Life Plan.

Congratulations to 8 hard-working clients who graduated from Jobs for Life, a biblically-based jobs training course. We held our first Facebook Live graduation ceremony, with friends and family attending the ceremony virtually. The festivities included music, refreshments and a special commencement speaker.

Praise for 7 clients who started new jobs and 4 remarkable individuals who have already saved enough money to purchase their own vehicle with the help of the Mission. Continue to pray for several clients who are patiently awaiting the ability to complete their driver license exams during the DMV office pandemic restrictions.

Hope Reins, a valued partner who serves kids in life crisis, treated our children to a unique experience of one-on-one sessions of healing and play therapy with horses and other animals. There were lots of smiles behind those masks! In addition, the school-aged children are off to a good start in the new school year.

Our Back to School drive continues, so if you or your family and friends would like to participate, visit