Celebrating New Jobs for Clients

April 29, 2021

Congratulations to two of our recent JFL grads who started new jobs, both in the healthcare industry.

Lisa is a CNA at an assisted living facility. She started work on March 8th and enjoys helping the elderly. With prior experience in the field and new confidence to ease her anxiety, she says it feels good to have a job where she is able to improve someone’s life.

Christine(name changed) is a Patient Relations Rep and Medical Assistant at a community health agency. It was her lifelong dream to be in the medical field, and now she’s been working for several weeks, checking in patients and making sure personal information is recorded accurately. She’s joined the frontline workers in our community  testing for COVID-19 and providing other medical assistance.

Both clients admit there have been challenges. Relying on outside transportation can cause some anxious moments for Lisa, and Christine (name changed)’s job requires extreme attention to detail, especially when a patient arrives with no account and there is a lot of information to record. Both jobs are stressful, but they are using the tools and support they gained through Jobs for Life to manage well.

Their advice for current Jobs for Life students or new clients starting the New Life Plan? Lisa says, “Give it a chance. No matter how difficult, stick with it – it’s worth it.” Christine (name changed) agrees: “Whatever your desired job is, go for it, and never give up. If you need specific training or have to go to school, start now, because the longer you wait the longer your goal will be sitting there waiting for you.”

Both women are grateful for God’s hand in their journey and for everything they learned from Jobs for Life. “I am coping better in a stressful field of work,” says Lisa. “Without the Mission and JFL, I don’t know if I would have persevered.”

Join us as we continue to pray for these two strong women and all of our clients as they continue on their paths to healing and wholeness.

To learn more about Raleigh Rescue Mission’s plan for Rescue, Recovery and Re-Entry, view our New Life Plan.