The Cars of COVID – God’s Faithful Love

September 29, 2020

Psalms 136:25: God is the one who provides food for all living things – God’s faithful love lasts forever!

THANK YOU for your continued prayers for the Mission, our clients, and their needs. We are so grateful that God is providing! To date, twenty clients have been able to save enough money to purchase their own vehicles during the pandemic. Through your generosity, the Mission is able to supplement the clients’ dollars to make sure that the vehicles purchased are safe and reliable. We work with several automobile dealers who are committed to finding and providing the best vehicle at the best price once our clients are ready to purchase.

According to one of our clients, “I never had a driver’s license and never had my own car until now. I had passed the written exam to obtain my license back in March but had to wait all summer to complete the driving portion since the offices were closed due to COVID. Just a few weeks ago, I was able to purchase my car, get my license, and drive straight from DMV to my job. It was absolutely surreal and overwhelming. I am so grateful.”

Reliable transportation is one of the major keys to success in getting and keeping a sustainable job in our community. Our clients are able to move toward independent living once they graduate from jobs training, secure a job and vehicle, learn to save and budget, and move to our Aftercare program while living in their own home.

Congratulations to these women and men who continue to persevere in challenging times.