Summer Milestones: Clients on the Move to Success

June 29, 2021

Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow! While June may traditionally be the beginning of vacations and stay-cations for some of us, the clients at Raleigh Rescue Mission continue to be hard at work accomplishing the goals they’ve set for themselves. Just a few examples of some of the milestones reached this month:

  • 11 men and women graduated from the latest Jobs for Life course
  • 8 of those individuals have already secured and started sustainable jobs that match their skills and abilities
  • 5 clients and their families have moved away from the Mission into apartments of their own. We continue to serve these individuals and families to encourage and support them throughout the rest of their journey.
  • 4 clients saved enough money to, with the help of the Mission, purchase a safe, reliable vehicle. This accomplishment greatly widens viable employment opportunities for good-paying jobs that might be outside public transportation routes.

Join us in congratulating our clients for their perseverance! It is no easy task to experience homelessness and hold onto the courage needed to change the trajectory for yourself and your family. As we celebrate good news, please continue to pray for the clients, staff, volunteers and donors who serve as God’s hands and feet at Raleigh Rescue Mission.