Wayne proudly served his country, both in the U.S. Army and in the U.S. Air Force. For years, he dedicated his time, talent, and skills in support of his mission and his country. After completing his service, Wayne helped provide for his family and raise his children. However, Wayne’s battle with substance use strained his relationships, employment, and financial stability. 

For years, Wayne fought to maintain his sobriety on his own, but later saw he needed support to make a lasting change. After successfully completing a recovery program, Wayne wanted a place where he could continue to build a new foundation for his life, where he would find support, encouragement, and stability. He contacted the Raleigh Rescue Mission and joined the New Life Plan.

Wayne’s military training, his drive to succeed, and his heart for service propelled him through the New Life Plan. He jumped into Vocational Training, learning new skills, capitalizing on existing talents, and encouraging others to push to be their best selves. He was a leader in Jobs for Life, always ready to lift others up, while striving to achieve his own personal and professional goals. 

But the road was not always easy. Maintaining his recovery, overcoming past mistakes, and staying positive when employment doors were not opening was a challenge. However, Wayne says that “staying in contact with his people, his army of supporters, was key to his perseverance.” After graduating Jobs for Life and pursuing several job leads, Wayne’s perseverance paid off, he received a job offer at a large IT company in Raleigh-Durham. 

Each year on Memorial Day we honor the service men and women who gave their lives while serving our country. Today, we also honor brave Veterans like Wayne who faithfully served their country and are now faithfully serving their communities and their families. Wayne’s commitment to the cause, his hard work and perseverance is something to celebrate!

Your support provided Wayne stability and renewed purpose while he built a new life!

“staying in contact with his people, his army of supporters, was key to his perseverance.”