Loren and her family live in one room at Raleigh Rescue Mission and share common space with many others. Life is busy with five children under the age of six and a full time job, yet she remains amazingly cool, calm and collected. Although Loren held several jobs as she moved into adulthood, she was mostly a stay-at-home mom, with limited resources and support during a rocky time. When InterAct of Wake County  recommended that Loren and the children contact the Mission, Loren stepped out in faith and was welcomed into our program.

That was last Fall, and though Loren readily acknowledges that their beginning was bumpy, she has progressed through the first four phases of the New Life Plan. They were isolated due to pandemic restrictions, and the children received immunizations to prepare for daycare and public school. Following isolation, Loren began vocational training in the dining hall and at the front desk. She graduated from the Mission’s Jobs for Life employment readiness training, and she’s working full time as a driver for Alliance of Aids Services, delivering food boxes to others in need. In addition, she’s received encouragement, bible study and counseling from the staff and other clients.

Transitioning into a structured routine was both the biggest challenge and the greatest reward for Loren and the kids. “As a mom,” reflects Loren quietly, “it’s been challenging, but everyone has been really helpful. My children have grown, they are expressing themselves better. They’ve always been loving but they are not as shy as before. It’s great to see them thrive.”

Now, with newfound skills and confidence, this beautiful family is transitioning into an apartment of their own. “I’m excited,” says Loren. “It’s very rewarding to finally get to this step. I really want to get to phase six and be a homeowner, see the children grow up. There are great resources and a great staff here. This program is a place that will push you, get you out of your comfort zone, but at the same time will empower you to do your best so you can achieve great things.”

Loren was able to celebrate Mother’s Day this year in a special way. With a big smile and an audible sigh, she proclaims joyfully, “I’m celebrating that my children are safe and happy.”

I’ve learned that God never forgot about me and that I always have His love to carry me through any challenge.