Keith had a rough start to life. His family was involved in illegal activities, and Keith grew up surrounded by drugs and alcohol. When he got older, he was pulled into dangerous situations that led to incarceration. When he was released, Keith moved back in with his family – but he soon realized that was a mistake.

“When I came home my family was trying to get me to do things that would have sent me back to prison. They were trying to force me to sell drugs and go about life the wrong way – but I wanted to do things different, because I knew where I would end up the other way.”

The problem was that without his family, Keith had nowhere to go – so he became homeless. He lived on the streets for several weeks before he reached out to a helpline and was referred to the Mission.

“Thanks to the Mission, I know I’m a blessed child of God.”

Today, Keith is in one of the last stages of our recovery program. He has a job and a car, and he hopes to buy his own home in the future. He has been attending church regularly and was baptized. 

“God put people in my life who have been game changers for me. I knew in my heart I wanted to change, but I couldn’t do it alone – until the Mission helped me. Now I just want to be the best son I can be for the Lord.”

Thank you for sharing God’s love with Keith this Easter. His life has been renewed through the joy and hope of the Gospel! “The Mission taught me to be grounded, remain humble, save my money and just see what God has planned for me. It built me up, so I’m ready for whatever the world throws at me. I’m letting God lead the way.”

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“They were trying to force me to sell drugs…”