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Jamie was in a hospital, depressed and anxious. He’d spent 7 years in Haiti, working with a non-profit, fulfilling his desire to help others. But he’d lost his mom during that time and felt completely alone. During a bad night at the hospital, in what he describes as “spiritual warfare,” Jamie asked to see a chaplain who recommended Raleigh Rescue Mission. Within days, Jamie was on his way, trusting the Lord that he was making the right decision.

One year later, Jamie is confident he made the right decision. He says the Mission “surpasses every place I’ve ever known about. We all handle depression and anxiety differently. Learning to live with others has been my biggest challenge, but I’ve learned you can grow by listening to others’ experiences and how they overcame challenges. The New Life Plan has worked for me. The staff and program extends grace, and that’s what the Lord does. I’ve learned to be humble.”

Jamie works full time and anticipates getting a car through Wheels for Hope and moving into his own apartment within weeks. The financial counseling he receives from Mission volunteers Carl and Evan has been huge. Jamie credits them with helping him understand the importance of saving. They’ve been his weekly accountability partners. With a job, income, and a car and place to live in his near future, Jamie is visibly calm. “I know everything’s going to be okay now. I’ve learned I can’t do it all, I can’t fix everything. Things in life are not just handed to us. We have to walk in the spirit.”

Next step for Jamie in financial counseling is learning to budget for expenses that living outside the Mission will bring. “God is helping me and others at the Mission learn how to budget for the real world. It’s a huge blessing.”

"The Mission surpasses every place I’ve ever known about. The staff and program extends grace, and that’s what the Lord does. I’ve learned to be humble.”