The only father Fred ever knew was his stepfather, who ruled over his family by force. Fred grew up watching his mother being physically abused and being abused himself. In high school, he used partying and alcohol to escape his home life – but once he started using, he couldn’t stop.

“My life never got better; it just spiraled down,” he says. “That was the start of 25 years of addiction and substance abuse.”

Due to the way Fred was raised, he wasn’t willing to ask for help. He struggled with his pride and ego, and he tried to fix his life himself – but eventually realized he couldn’t.

“I wanted long-term sobriety, which is why I came to Raleigh Rescue Mission,” he says.

“I finally surrendered to the fact that I needed help.”

Fred joined our recovery program and started healing from his past and building a plan for his future. He attended counseling, life skills classes and Bible studies – which helped him grow his relationship with Christ. He also gained access to much-needed dental care, which helped relieve pain that he’d struggled with for years.

“Being at the Mission allowed me to be still and not worry about what was happening in the world around me. I focused on myself and my recovery,” he says. “I was right where God wanted me to be. I was at peace.”

Now, Fred is employed by the city of Raleigh, and he gives back at the Mission however he can.

“I love being able to help others and be involved in the services offered by the Mission,” he says.

“I try to share my experience, strength and hope with the other guests.”

Fred has hope this Christmas – and he wants to thank YOU for supporting his journey toward a new life. “The Mission helped save my life. I’m thankful.” 

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“My life just spiraled into addiction and abuse…”