Last year, Ebony had a job and worked hard, but her income was never enough to pay rent, feed her family and cover her basic expenses. Exhausted and facing eviction, she heard about the Mission and its New Life Plan and knew it was a place where she and her two young children could get the help they needed. Relatively new to the program, Ebony was featured in a Mission video presentation stating with confidence, “I will be one of your success stories.”

This year, with God’s help, the Mission’s assistance and Ebony’s determination to succeed, her family has come full circle. She is indeed one of our success stories.

“Honestly, I give God all the credit,” says Ebony. Over the last year, there’s been a lot of prayer, a lot of time with God. It was not easy, but I look back and say,  “Wow.” Even though I couldn’t see the whole staircase, it was important to stay focused, have a plan, and stick to it. Raleigh Rescue Mission is REAL. They really do help you.”

Ebony and her children have progressed from Phase 1 of the New Life Plan to Phase 5 of the 6-phase program. They started with medical, mental health and educational assessments, and Ebony participated in vocational training at the Thrift Store. They received counseling and small group support, and Ebony worked with her designated Client Support Specialist to develop a long term plan for stability. After completing the “Jobs for Life” course in preparation for sustainable employment, Ebony went back to work in the field she loves, as a private duty caregiver for Aware Senior Care. She studied for her driver’s license, met with a financial coach, and started saving her money for a car and an apartment.

The pandemic caused some of the forward movement to come to a screeching halt: she wasn’t able to take the driving part of her exam so couldn’t receive a license, and she and the children had to move to a hotel room for awhile when one of the kids was exposed to COVID-19. Still, Ebony persevered and waited patiently while saving her money.

What’s next? Phase 6 of the New Life Plan. “Homeownership”, says Ebony. “I want that for my kids. I’ve seen God work wonders. I never had a driver’s license before. I never had my own car. We’ve moved into an apartment that is peaceful and safe. My children are happy.“

"Raleigh Rescue Mission is REAL. They really do help you."