Seizing the Opportunity, Embracing the Lessons

April 29, 2021

Created right here in Raleigh in 1996 and now taught all over the world, Jobs for Life classes include individual job coaching, career planning, resume preparation and interviewing skills training, along with an ongoing community of support. It’s a biblically-based course that focuses on the dignity of work and how to set themselves apart as a strong employee. Our clients are putting into practice what they’ve learned which results in them finding livable wage employment in industries that line up with their God-given talent and passion.

Current students are enthusiastic and grateful for the opportunity to participate in Jobs for Life. They have shared with us:

“Thank you for helping me see what wasn’t there. Without the facilitators’ guidance along the way, I don’t know where some of us would be. My roadblocks don’t have to stay roadblocks. I’m motivated and encouraged.”

“We wear dress clothes for every class which has not been easy for me, but I’m learning to create a positive resume’ and the instructors throw in some humor, which makes it enjoyable. I am getting great advice from the coaches about jobs and I’m learning to Fall on God.”

“I enjoy the class interaction when we get up and talk. It’s good practice and it is interesting to learn about my classmates. It has been good to get back into an early morning routine. God’s purpose for me is coming to light.”

“I’ve learned how to stand up and present myself in a professional manner. It was not easy but I have more confidence now. I love the class and facilitators.”

Want to help? We need coaches, facilitators, mock interviewers and employers for panel discussions. We’ll provide the guidelines and match up the needs with your skillset and time commitment. Visit our volunteer page to find out more.