On-site Hospitality Certification leads directly to jobs!

July 29, 2019

Ten clients completed a Hospitality Certification course in June. Since then almost all have found jobs within the restaurant or hotel industry.

“I know from years in the industry that there is a need for entry level employees,” said David Breen, Director of Hospitality at the Mission. “We reached out to Wake Tech to see if they would help train our clients, and they were very receptive.”

Participants met daily at the Mission from 9am – 2pm for 8 weeks. “Clients were also involved in Jobs for Life training, which made for long days, but they loved having so much education available to them,” Breen said.

The course covered topics including serving, front desk operation, catering, and safe food handling along with preparing clients to attain certifications by which acquiring a living wage job would be more likely.

Thank you to State Employees Credit Union for providing scholarship funding for all those enrolled.