At Raleigh Rescue Mission, we are committed to break the cycle of poverty that will end homelessness. For the children in our care, we focus on their generational poverty cycle and tackle this issue with comprehensive care. This includes before and after school care, professional counseling and tutoring, and enrichment programs. This equips each child with the ability to build emotional resilience and develop critical life skills so that they can grow into responsible, healthy adults and reach their fullest potential. Read more about our Children’s New Life Plan.

For every child that comes through the Raleigh Rescue Mission program, it costs $71 per day, or $26,000 for a full year of comprehensive care.

Here’s what your gift can do:

  1. For $26,000 you can support one child for one year–room and board, counseling–everything the child needs to build the foundation for their future.
  2. A $13,000 gift supports a child for 6 months
  3. A $6,500 gift supports a child for 3 months