Moments of Joy for the Kids in Our Care

March 23, 2021

Imagine learning to live with lots of other children, figuring out how to go to school virtually, and overcoming the uncertainty that comes with no home of your own. The children at Raleigh Rescue Mission demonstrate unbelievable resiliency and hope for the future. For mom or dad, being with their kids in a safe and caring environment enables the parent to stay the course in their own journey through the New Life Plan. Join us in thanking God for these awesome examples of the work and fun happening at our Children’s Development Center:

  • Moms and Dads have a time slot each week to come into the CDC and spend precious one-on-one time in activities with each of their children. Parents might do baby yoga with their infant, for example, then paint on canvas with their older child.
  • THANK YOU to Triangle Literacy Council for providing tutoring for all school-aged kids. The CDC staff and tutors provided extra attention for the children who found virtual learning a challenge in the beginning, resulting in significant improvement in grades!
  • In the month of March, the preschoolers are learning the letter “M,” the color Red, the shape “cylinder,” and the number “2.” They are also learning sign language for the words “please” and “thank you.”
  • March means St. Patrick’s Day crafts and activities and even more importantly, learning about Easter and enjoying crafts and activities for this special Holy-day.
  • We’ve created an additional open play space so the kids can have more fun outdoors. Want to help us with some items for the kids? See our wish list at Your purchases can be shipped directly to the Mission.
  • Spring is here and with it, we’re praying for some safe field trips to Sky Zone, Pullen Park, Stem Camp and NC History Museum.

We miss our volunteers and can’t wait to welcome you back to spend time with the children once it is safe. Thank you for continuing to support us in other important and meaningful ways.