Meet one of our newest employees, Kathryn Brooks!

October 8, 2018

Kathryn Brooks began working at the Mission in mid June, stepping into the newly created Director of Children’s Advocacy position. The series of events that led to her hiring are surely the hand of Providence.

While still in middle school, Kathryn volunteered at the public school where her mother taught. From that day forward she committed to work with children in whatever capacity the Lord led. And lead He has.

In March, while teaching a 4th grade class full of children with overwhelming needs which she felt unable to meet, she began volunteering at Raleigh Rescue Mission and fell in love with the place. She started searching for a job in which she felt she could make more of a difference than in the classroom. A friend from church suggested she write a personal Mission statement about what it was she really wanted to do.

When she saw the new Director of Children’s Advocacy position, “The job description was so close to the personal Mission statement I had written, it was unreal,” Kathryn said.  She presented her ideas to the leadership team and a few days later got the question. “When can you start?”

The Mission welcomes Kathryn. Providence is at work. And so is she.