Making a Complete U-Turn

January 26, 2022

New Life Plan Gives Ashley a New Way of Living

“I used to tell people I lost everything in 30 days” reflects Ashley, a client at Raleigh Rescue Mission. “I had burned all my bridges, used up all my resources, I was in a bad place. But it’s interesting that when you take accountability for something, you have a different perspective.”

Ashley recently graduated from our Jobs for Life course. She works full-time with the YMCA as a Call Center Specialist. She loves working remotely right from her room at the Mission. With the help of a financial/credit counselor, she’s learning to stick to a budget. “It’s very empowering,” reflects Ashley. “I’m working, saving up for a car, and preparing to move out. I know where I stand. I’m in a great place honestly.”

“I couldn’t see it before, but my downward path was really a gradual slide. I had just recently gotten sober and had a sponsor, but I tried to hold onto the same places, same people, same things, and it hadn’t worked. I needed structure. When I committed to the New Life Plan on April 27th of last year, it was my first time really letting everything go.”

Ashley remembers the first 30 days at the Mission as a rollercoaster, challenging because she had to learn to live with others, but ultimately beneficial because she discovered others were a mirror, a sounding board. Shawn, her Client Support Specialist, was there for everything as she transitioned. The kitchen staff took her under their wing, helping her control her diabetes with healthy eating. More recently, Ashley gathered the courage to speak at her Jobs for Life graduation, thanks to encouragement and practical tips from Dionne McGee, a volunteer coach (see related story in this newsletter).

“Being at the Mission has absolutely changed my life,” says Ashley. “I went from being intoxicated at family get-togethers to now being a blessing to my mom. She’s been able to go back to school, is working – I’m able to teach her what I’m learning about money so she can save for her own car. It has changed my whole family dynamic. I’m getting a chance to learn how to get along with life on life’s terms. I don’t have to do it alone. There’s just enough independence and just enough support.”

The very best thing about being at the Mission, according to Ashley? “The Mission introduced me to a relationship with God without it feeling forced. That’s a lot of answered prayer. I’m honored to be able to share my experience with others.”