Life at the Mission: School, Music, Karate and More

September 30, 2021

Thanks to generous donors like you, the children at Raleigh Rescue Mission are in a safe place, loved by mom or dad and cared for by the amazing childcare staff in the Children’s Development Center. The kids get to have some fun too!

Our school-aged children are adjusting well to in-person learning at their designated schools. Kids can receive one-on-one counseling and participate in classes with interns from TLC (founded as Tammy Lynn Center), and tutoring is made available to children who face challenges in their grade level. In addition, several of the older kids attended music camp recently, learning to play the guitar and other instruments. And they participate in a virtual karate class, practicing their skills and working on their belt level when they have some free time.

Your gifts allow us to surround children experiencing homelessness with the tools they need to thrive. From school supplies and homework help, to counseling for emotional or physical trauma, to just plain fun activities that let a kid be a kid, the children are able to grow and develop. You are making a difference. Thank you!