Learning and Thriving in the Midst of a Pandemic – Distance Education at RRM

May 21, 2020

We’re so happy to report that all of our school-aged children are progressing to the next grade level! Congratulations to these hard-working kids like Preston, who was thrilled to receive a hand-crafted welcome to middle school.

Here are just a few ways our grade-level children are adapting and demonstrating their resiliency during COVID-19:

  • We carved out space for a computer lab with a separate work area for each child. The “new” school day includes personalized schedules based on individual IEP’s, academic levels and behavioral plans.
  • Root Elementary donated Google Chrome books for the children to complete Google Classroom assignments and video chat with their teachers and classmates. In addition, families are able to virtually meet with therapists, mental health professionals and coaches.
  • Hunter Elementary is providing daily breakfasts and lunches which are child-friendly and eagerly anticipated. A huge thank you to both of these partners!
  • Our kids love the new school “store” where they can cash in pretend money that they have earned by positive behavior and good choices. Students take great pride in helping to stock the store and keep it running.

What’s ahead for the summer? City of Oaks Parks & Recreation camps are currently scheduled to begin in mid-June, and we continue to search for summer activities available to all ages. Reach out to Kristen Bloch at xevfgrao@enyrvtuerfphr.bet if you can offer a great opportunity.