Jobs for Life Training at the Mission

March 6, 2018

We are excited that many of our clients are participating in a training course called Jobs for Life. Jobs for Life provides a unique, biblically-based job readiness training and support strategy that empowers students to be successful at work and at life. It began right here in Raleigh in 1996 by well-known businessman Christopher C. Mangum (C.C. Mangum Co), and is now taught world-wide (see the JfL story at

Jobs for Life training is intended to help our clients engage in a journey – a journey from unemployment to employment, or from under-employment to better employment. It equips students with tools to help them on their journey through life, using biblical examples of people who have been transformed and have overcome barriers to succeed. During each of the 16 sessions, students discuss these examples and practice real-life job building skills such as networking, resume’ writing and interviewing skills. They come away with a JfL certification to demonstrate to potential employers their understanding of what it takes to be a valuable employee.

We need your help! JfL utilizes Champions, Instructors and Mentors to work alongside each student. Our staff currently serves as Champions and Instructors, and we are in need of Mentors from the greater business and church community to provide encouragement, make introductions and help students uncover job opportunities, and serve as real-life examples of embracing God’s purpose and plan for their life. In addition, we need HR Professionals who can coach students as they prepare for the next step in their career.

For more information or to volunteer, contact Geia Williams, Director of Volunteers, at

Jobs For Life