Jobs for Life – A Course That Makes a Big Difference

March 23, 2021
  • What do you do when you’re asked an illegal question during an interview?
  • How do you explain your gap in employment and still land the job?
  • What does the story of Moses tell us about the dignity of work?

These and so many other questions are covered in Jobs for Life, a biblically-based course that originated right here in Raleigh and is now taught around the world. Clients in Phase 3 of the Mission’s New Life Plan for Rescue, Recovery and Re-Entry complete the course before applying for jobs. The structured lessons taught by RRM staff and remote-based volunteers have proven to be instrumental in gaining confidence, preparing an eye-catching resume, and learning how to stand out in a crowd of applicants. Clients practice their interviewing skills during mock interview sessions and receive feedback from their coaches. They answer difficult questions and deliver their “elevator pitch” for being the best candidate for the job. Practice makes perfect, and it is paying off, with 92% of clients securing livable wage jobs shortly after graduation.

Here’s what recent graduates and course volunteers have to say about the benefits of Jobs for Life:

“When I first started Jobs for Life, I hadn’t been in a classroom in a long time. I didn’t know what to expect, but the instructors were really helpful and I started realizing that what I was learning was going to help me get a good job and get out of my situation.”

“As a mock interviewer, we’re able to rehearse a realistic situation where the student can get the jitters out in a non-intimidating environment, practice their answers to difficult questions and give examples of relevant experience. Each time, I can see the client relax a little and gain confidence.”

“Just standing up and saying my name in front of the whole class made me so anxious at the beginning of the course! By the end, I was much better at making eye contact and speaking more confidently. And I learned the importance and the respect it shows to BE ON TIME.”

Congratulations to these clients for their hard work and new jobs! Join us in praying for their continued success.

We need facilitators and mock interviewers for upcoming classes. If you’d like to help, visit our volunteer page and sign up today.