How to Help The Triangle’s Homeless During Winter Weather

February 1, 2018

Winter has arrived in The Triangle and brought freezing temperatures to The Triangle. Unfortunately, not everyone has a home to escape from winter’s bitter grip. The homeless in our area are hit hard every winter and face an uphill battle for food, water and warmth. As homelessness increases, it’s important to take action and to help those who have it less fortunate in Raleigh and beyond.

Get informed

Homelessness happens for numerous reasons, from job loss and divorce, to domestic abuse and addiction. The lack of affordable housing in The Triangle is on the rise and is one of the causes of people to lose their home and begin life on the streets or in their cars for weeks, months, or years. Some people dismiss the homeless or develop false opinions and reasons why they don’t deserve help. Get educated about homelessness and why it affects those in your area.

Be mindful when giving

Giving money to the homeless isn’t always the most beneficial way to help them. Gift cards from the grocery store or a major retailer can help people buy food and clothing. Food items and bottled water are also helpful. Always offer your assistance before offering helping as not everyone is willing to accept charity.

Become a volunteer

Volunteering your time is often the best way to serve the homeless. Dedicate a day of the week or the weekend to serve at a local shelter or facility offering meals to the homeless. You can also set up food drives to collect items no matter if it’s the summer or the winter.

Donate what you can

Those who live on the streets or in their cars are prone to hypothermia as the temperatures drop. Donate warm clothing for those experiencing homelessness, such as heavy winter coats, gloves and hats. Go through your wardrobe, and donate unused or extra winter clothing. Whether it’s a pair of boots or gloves, every little bit helps the homeless to stay bundled and warm.

Giving Back to Those in Need

Want to learn how you can help those experiencing homelessness throughout The Triangle? Visit Raleigh Rescue Mission’s home page to find out more information and to get started helping the homeless in your area. People become homeless for many reasons, but they’re able to break through and to live a better life thanks to those who reach out and care enough to help them. Volunteer, donate and become informed of the homeless situation in The Triangle to give them a chance to live better and more fulfilling lives.