Honoring Moms In May

“She kisses me goodbye before school every day.”
“She takes care of me. She hugs me.”
“Mom went back to school for me. To make a better life for us.”
“Mommy helped me when I was afraid of the monster.”
“She sits with me at dinner, and we talk about school.”
“She’s always there to say goodnight.”

When asked to share thoughts about their moms, these are some of the answers from children at Raleigh Rescue Mission. Their answers are really no different than what you would expect from any child. Children simply depend on others to take care of them, and often that’s their mom.

As April knows, the work of a mother is never really done. In the best of circumstances it’s a complex and full time job. Beyond the everyday tasks of meeting basic needs, part of a mother’s role is to create a sense of security, and a sense of hope, for her children.  To do this in the face of homelessness is nothing short of a small miracle.

We are seeing real change as our clients move through the New Life Plan, building strong foundations for themselves and their children.

We need your help to continue this work.  Please give in honor of your mother, or any mother you know who performs small miracles every day.