Empowering Clients to Find Their Roar

January 26, 2022

Dionne McGee’s Own Journey an Inspiration for Change

Dionne McGee knows about starting fresh, making changes, setting goals, and developing a plan. She is using her own experience as a successful employee-turned-entrepreneur to empower clients at Raleigh Rescue Mission to do the same. What started as a guest appearance at a Jobs for Life class turned into a series of training modules that clients can access virtually.

Dionne moved to Raleigh after growing up in the small NC town of Washington and attending NC Wesleyan College. She held increasingly responsible leadership roles in several large corporations. She had a strong work ethic and several multi-million dollar wins under her belt, but began to realize that she was struggling to be a successful advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion where she was. It was when she began speaking at conferences about career development that she really came alive. She was empowering others, especially women, to make changes and realized God was calling her to make her own change and leave the corporate world.

“I prayed about starting my own speaking business,” reflects Ms. McGee, “and I believe God planted the idea of writing a book. I’d never even thought about writing a book! But I stepped out in faith. Finding Your Roar (Finding Your Roar: The Lion in Leadership) unfolded, and in that writing process, so did the creation of my speaking and consulting business.” (www.dgmcgee.com)

The business panel participation at the Mission became a monthly assignment, and clients began spreading the word and seeking McGee’s advice. CEO John Luckett approached her about coming onsite to do some coaching and workshops, which she readily accepted. Mr. Luckett’s idea to then turn her “nuggets of wisdom” into a series of virtual training modules that clients could access early in their New Life Plan journey became a reality. Now, she reports, the Mission has its own “plug and play” course called R.O.A.R (Relentless, Optimistic, Ambitious and Results Driven) Professional Development, complete with workshops and worksheets. “The feedback from the clients and staff brought me to tears,” confesses Dionne. “It’s been amazing to know and to see the valuable changes that are taking place. It’s the most valuable work that I have ever done in my entire life, more so than any multi-million-dollar proposal I ever did in corporate America in my 25 years. I’m helping clients to find their ROAR. This fits. I’m doing the work that God has called me to do.”

CEO Luckett agrees: “The impact Dionne McGee has had on our clients is unbelievable. She encourages each person to seek God’s purpose for their life, make the changes they need to make, and stick with our New Life Plan. The virtual course she put together for us is not only practical now because of COVID challenges, but we can continue to use it in the future for incoming new clients. We are so grateful for Ms. McGee’s commitment to Raleigh Rescue.”

If volunteering as a mentor/coach for one of our upcoming classes sounds like a fit for you, visit volunteer opportunities.