Children’s Update – “Moving, Grooving and Full of Energy”

September 29, 2020

The children at Raleigh Rescue Mission continue to demonstrate the resiliency that children are blessed with, even as COVID continues to be a concern for all of us. Off-site field trips and in-person volunteers are not up and running yet, but we pray for and are planning for numerous activities over the next few months to celebrate pumpkins and treats, Thanksgiving and blessings, and of course, Jesus’s birthday.

According to Quin Newman, Early Childhood Program Manager, virtual school is going well for our school-aged children. Parents and staff continue to help them to stay focused and as upbeat as possible. Each student has a dedicated space to attend school and complete their assignments. Wearing masks and managing online learning can become tedious for kids, but they are adapting and staying on track at their grade level.

Quin also reports that our toddlers and infants are “moving, grooving and full of energy!” The little ones are happy and healthy.  The Mission is blessed with a caring staff who provide a safe and loving environment for children of all ages while their moms and dads work, attend classes and maneuver through each day of the New Life Plan.