Children are our Best Example

December 21, 2020

You may remember Petra from last year’s stories. This beautiful child with a big heart carefully divides her allowance for completed chores into 3 jars – 1 for saving, 1 for spending, and 1 for giving. Petra chose Raleigh Rescue Mission last year to donate her giving dollars, and we are grateful that she chose us again this year. She recently presented her donation in person to CEO John Luckett, along with toys, books, dolls and some dear stuffed friends. It was the stuffed animals that were hardest to part with, especially a cherished teddy bear she says is “bigger than my dad!” But Petra knew she would collect enough in her spending jar to buy herself more animals, and she knew that the ones she was giving away still had a lot of love in them that would bring happiness to others.

In addition, Petra gave Mr. Luckett a letter written especially for the children at the Mission, clearly filled with love. In it she included a favorite bible verse. “Mr. Luckett told me about another girl who raised money too,” exclaims Petra excitedly. “Maybe more and more kids will do this. I hope after COVID I’ll be able to meet some of the kids, make friends, maybe read or play a game together.”

Along with the swimming and horses noted in her letter, Petra loves pigs in a blanket and ramen noodles, and she credits her grandfather for teaching her how to make perfect scrambled eggs. With a big smile, she shares their secret: “Never stop stirring!”

God blessed the Mission with a child who shares sacrificially, and He sent Jesus to us as a tiny child born into humble beginnings. Children are our greatest example of honest, uncolored love. We celebrate the birth of Jesus at Christmas with child-like wonder and excitement, opening our hearts and putting love into action. Especially this year, with job losses high and evictions looming ahead, adults and children facing homelessness are counting on us to be like Petra and give what we can to help.