Celebrating Transformative Milestones and Valentine’s Day Love

February 25, 2021

It takes commitment, hard work, lots of prayer and dedicated support for our clients who enter and advance down their path of Rescue, Restore and Re-Entry. That effort continues to pay off as several of our clients reached special milestones this month!

Children’s Activities

  • Our children are feeling the love this month – the love of our staff, the love of their mom or dad, and most importantly, the love of Christ. The kids and their parents celebrated Valentine’s Day together with fun crafts, games and special treats.


  • Two individuals saved enough money to purchase their own vehicle. The Mission provides some supplemental financial support toward the purchase and we partner with several car dealerships in the area who expertly match up safe and reliable transportation for the specific client’s needs. The ability to get to and from the workplace is one of the key factors in a client’s ability to land and keep a sustainable job.
  • One client successfully obtained her NC driver’s license.


  • A client and her children were able to move into their own apartment through the Mission’s master lease program.
  • Additionally, one of our clients was able to secure housing through a partnership with a local program for individuals with disabilities.


  • 8 adults are currently enrolled in Jobs for Life, which is an eight-week course that teaches practical skills such as preparing a stand-out resume and how to answer difficult questions in an interview, as well as examples from the Bible about the dignity of work. Students are able to assess and discover which jobs might be best suited for their individual talents, passion and skillsets. To-date, 92% of our clients who graduated from Jobs for Life have been successful in finding employment, and the current participants are already lining up interviews in anticipation of their graduation in March.

Want to help? We need mock interviewers and coaches to help prepare clients as they begin to meet with potential employers. Volunteers receive instruction and meet virtually with clients. Visit our volunteer page to learn more.