Celebrating Remarkable Progress

September 30, 2021

You may remember Lisa from a Client Success Story earlier this year. She came to the Mission with nowhere else to go, knowing she needed help to manage her anxiety and continue to stay sober. At Raleigh Rescue, Lisa found new strength in herself and a renewed faith in God.

Lisa continues to be a Success Story! After graduating from Jobs for Life, she immediately found a job she truly loves, working at a local nursing home. She purchased a car with the help of the Mission, and moved into one of the Mission’s master lease apartments. She’s still supported as an Aftercare Client in Phase 5 of the New Life Plan. The two best friends who led Lisa to RRM are still her two best friends, and she is positively thrilled to be able to spend lots of time now with her children and parents.

The journey hasn’t been easy. Lisa readily admits that some days are tougher than others. Though she has amazing co-workers and patients, work in the healthcare field is challenging. “It’s not an easy job but I love it,” declares Lisa. “It gives me purpose, fills me up inside.”

Now with medical insurance and transportation, Lisa can stay on top of doctor visits, AA meetings and medication management. She has a fiery determination not to go back to where she was just a few short months ago. “I’m relying on God,” Lisa proclaims emphatically. “Being in the real world again has been a big adjustment. There are still days where I struggle. But I have support now, and I believe I can stay strong.”

We believe it too, Lisa. Join us in praying for Lisa and thanking God for her ongoing success. Learn more about Raleigh Rescue Mission’s plan for Rescue, Recovery and Re-Entry.