Jay grew up in south Mississippi and after graduation from the University of Mississippi, went to work for IBM. In fact, it was during his stint with IBM in Memphis that Jay became a follower of Christ. After several years in New York with IBM, Jay started a new career on Wall Street, eventually becoming a partner for the financial firm Gargoyle Group.

While in New York, Jay was a founding board member of Hope for NY (a non-profit mercy and justice ministry), where he served for 15 years. Through HFNY, Jay also served weekly at a lower east side men’s shelter for more than 7 years.

Jay and his family (wife Lynn, son Joonie) moved to Raleigh in 2013 and have been active members of Holy Trinity Anglican Church. He’s been instrumental in organizing a fellows program at Holy Trinity, modeled after Gotham Fellows in NYC.

Jay joined the Board at Raleigh Rescue in 2019 and became Chair in 2020.

Harvey Jay Easterling

Harvey Jay Easterling, Chairman - Gargoyle Group
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