A Win-Win Relationship – Knox Auto and Affordable Cars for Clients

June 25, 2020

Having reliable transportation is important for all of us, and it’s especially important for our clients as they graduate from job skills training and get back to work at sustainable jobs located across the Triangle. Congratulations to Melissa, Trevor, Valerie and Toni, who recently saved enough money to purchase a vehicle, with some financial assistance from the Mission. They no longer have to rely on complicated, lengthy bus rides or limited Mission transportation to get to work on time or make it to appointments. And thanks to Knox Auto Sales  for partnering with us to find and sell safe, affordable vehicles to these dedicated men and women!

Taylor Knox of Knox Auto says the partnership with the Mission has been a real win-win for everybody. His dad Jeff, a long time supporter of the Mission, started the business in 2003 with $500 and eventually brought in sons Taylor, Christian and nephew Shelton to help. Originally located in Raleigh, they moved to Dunn a few months ago when a great space became available.

“The best thing about the relationship with the Mission,” says Taylor, “is that we trust each other. We’re straight up about everything, and that takes away a lot of the guessing game, especially when you’re trying to buy a car. It takes some manpower on our end to produce a vehicle that is affordable and of good quality, but the customers know who we are and what we’re all about. We make sure that the car is a good fit. We’ve not had a single problem working with the staff and clients at Raleigh Rescue. We’re extremely grateful for the business, especially in these times.”

A match made in heaven? We thank God for partners like Knox Auto! We pray that God will continue to turn the hearts and minds of businesses, churches, families and individuals to provide support for the men, women and children we serve.