Back to school, and beyond.

September 24, 2018

Assessment and Tutoring: Phase 1 and 2 of New Life Plan in action!

One evening while observing our children being tutored by professionals from Sylvan Learning Center, we overhead a student saying to his instructor “The main idea is . . . “ He was completing an exercise designed to make sure students understand and retain what they read.  It’s one of many different guided practice lessons our children are completing as part of the Assessment and Tutoring program the Mission launched in July.

The main idea behind this amazing new program is that promoting school success for the children in our care is a significant step toward helping them build self-confidence, and more importantly, build resilience.

When our new Director of Children’s Advocacy began in July, one of her first initiatives was to implement assessments and tutoring for the children in our care. “I approached Sylvan Learning, and explained why Raleigh Rescue Mission wanted to work with them. Not only did they say yes, they said they would come to us, and they said they would give us all the assessments free,” Kathryn Brooks explains.

After assessments, Sylvan Learning professionals created individualized learning plans based on each child’s academic needs. Each Tuesday and Thursday night the Sylvan Learning professionals come to the cafeteria dining hall armed with the latest learning tools including iPads and Notebooks loaded to meet each child’s individualized learning plan.  Independent and guided practice includes vocabulary, comprehension, grammar skills, and phonics.

The dining hall is transformed into a learning lab.  More importantly, the children are transformed. Instead of unstructured time, they are deeply engaged. Strategically, the tutoring is scheduled for the time when the mothers are completing Jobs for Life classes.

We’re all in agreement that this is a significant step forward in the services provided to the children at Raleigh Rescue Mission.

While Sylvan Learning donated the cost of assessments, the tutoring sessions require funding, and we need your help.

We need your support for this new initiative.