This past July, we approached Sylvan Learning and explored the possibilities of a partnership to address the academic needs of our youngest clients. We know that being at grade level expectation by 3rd grade is a predictor of school – and life success.

Sylvan Learning professionals completed assessments and created individualized learning plans based on each child’s academic needs. Each Tuesday and Thursday night, the dining hall is transformed to a learning lab as Sylvan tutors arrive. Independent and guided practice includes vocabulary, comprehension, grammar skills, and phonics. Teacher to student ratios never exceed 1:3 with most children receiving individualized attention at some point in the session. The children are also transformed. Instead of unstructured time, they are deeply engaged.

Tutoring Update graphic

In early October, progress testing began for the students who have received up to 30 hours of instruction. All students who have undergone the progress testing to date are showing growth. One student in particular, who initially tested 3 grade levels behind, has grown by 22 percentile points which translates to almost 2 years worth of grade level learning. “This is very exciting,” Julie Hoyes, Executive Director of Sylvan Learning Raleigh, relays. “It’s been like watching light bulbs go off, seeing these children smile when they begin to know they can do the work, and begin to believe in themselves.”

Thanks to your generosity, we’re investing in children from birth to age 18.

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