Changed Lives

A Life Changed at RRM

“Mama was religious and dad was a drunk,” Steve Lane, 57, says flatly. “My dad beat me all the time. There was always liquor in the house and I started … Continue reading

Welcome, Pardon, Cleanse, Relieve

It starts in such a simple way.  A drink or two, an experiment with this drug and that.  Then suddenly the years have passed—youth is gone and so are family, … Continue reading

God’s Love in Me

Jerry Bridges dragged his 98-pound frame out of his chair and tottered across the floor.  Three steps later he collapsed from exhaustion.  Frightened, he called a friend who took him … Continue reading

You Welcomed Me

Chris Gilland hops from pipe to ledge as he shows off his old digs under a Raleigh bridge.  Cheerfully, he tells of surviving freezing temperatures, doing odd jobs for food … Continue reading

You Helped Me Learn the Basics!

Sharry sat in the midst of her family, breathing in the smell of her new grandbaby.  The conversation revolved around her sister’s teaching, her brother’s writing, her son’s growing family.  … Continue reading

Hope’s Bright Promise

Andy Carlson always knew he wanted to be a millionaire.  In 1994, he sold his motorcycle for $15,000 and launched Handy Andy’s Buildings and Truck Accessories.  Six years later, at … Continue reading

Open the Door and Let the Future In!

If “children are our future,” what are we doing to help homeless kids become confident, productive and moral adults?  That’s a question we ask a lot at Raleigh Rescue Mission.  … Continue reading

Food for Thought

“When I was four, my dad left the house.  I was only 11 or 12 when he died,” Henley recounts.  From then on, he says, “Bad decisions became the focus … Continue reading

A Christmas Like No Other

Carrie’s 10-year relationship with the father of her children had become unbearable.  At 29, she had left him several times, but loneliness and codependence drove her back again and again. … Continue reading

A Day in My Life

Cedric was living a life most of us know only from the movies.  Transported by two vehicles—cocaine and freight trains—for three-and-a-half years, Cedric traveled the United States with little more … Continue reading