Out In The Snow With a Newborn

Sadly, many children like Lisa who grow up in foster care become the next generation of homelessness. Moving from family to family, and finally ending up in a group home,  Lisa never had the opportunity to experience a parent’s unconditional love. She never learned
the life skills she needed to succeed either, much less had an opportunity to get an education.
Even worse, her circumstances placed her in the clutches of a 35-year-old abusive man when she was just 11 years old. Under his control, she bore eight children, served time in prison for a crime that he committed, and ended up on the streets in the middle of winter with a newborn. That’s a lot of suffering before the age of 30.
“When you’re walking around with a newborn in the snow, people look at you like you’re crazy,” she said.“ But I never had anyone help me. ”Thanks to caring friends like you, Lisaand her baby found food, shelter and life-changing hope at Raleigh Rescue Mission.  Lisa worked hard in her classes and diligently worked with a tutor to study for her GED. She took 4 tests and, in December 2016, Lisa passed her final test and earned her GED!   She plans to go into
The most beautiful part of her story is that Lisa can now give her child the love, care and protection that she never had growing up. Her son will never have to know the cycle of abuse, poverty and homelessness that she went through.
Lisa is so grateful for friends like you. She said to tell you:
“Your support keeps families together and gives women a second chance that we otherwise wouldn’t have if we were on the street. Your donations keep everything running. Thank you.”