One Terrible Night…A Beautiful New Life

Beth* is a client in our women’s recovery and rehabilitation program.  She is still working to adjust to the life she has found in Christ.  But no one who knows her story can ignore God’s life-changing grace at work in this precious woman.

For nearly 18 years, Beth made a living as a prostitute.  Today, she’s a new creature in Christ.

Beth began her life as a prostitute in order to provide for her family.  She had two children at home and was pregnant with a third when the kids’ father was sent to prison.  That left mom with the burden of providing.   But when she lost her part-time job there seemed to be little hope.

A chance meeting with a woman we’ll call “Karla” seemed to be the break Beth needed.  The two quickly became friends and Beth confided her issues and concerns.  Most of all she worried how she would ever provide and care for still another child.

Karla offered to adopt the baby and even came to the hospital when Beth was in labor.  Her new friend could provide comfort and care for the child that Beth could not afford.  But Karla offered even more than this.  She operated several high class “escort services.”  And it wasn’t long before a desperate Beth was brought into the business.  She now calls that period of her life “a money addiction.”  The lifestyle was attractive because it was lucrative.  But there were dangers she ignored for years.  And one of those caught up to her last summer.

Beth lived in a town outside of Raleigh.  The money she made provided a comfortable living for several years.  Then one night, she climbed into the car with a customer for the last time. “People say I got in the wrong car, but I say I got in the RIGHT car.  He literally saved my life,” says Beth.  She woke up in a Raleigh hospital needing reconstructive surgery on her jaw.  Beth didn’t know anyone in Raleigh and had no family or friends here to help her.  And she literally had nothing in the world.  When she was well enough to leave, the hospital had to give her a pair of shorts and a t-shirt to wear to the Mission.

Beth came into the Mission having no idea what she would find.  She was amazed at the care and love she received and was placed in a program designed to help her build a new life.And because her program is centered on Christ, Beth is discovering what God’s love is all about.  At Raleigh Rescue Mission, Beth received food, shelter and the care to rebuild her life.

She grew up believing people didn’t do things like that.  In the world she knew before, “there’s no free lunch.”  She is so grateful for the generosity of friends like you who will help a stranger.  “Sometimes I just want to cry,” she says.  “That these people will take the time to help a person like me.”

As she prepares for a new future, bright with promise, Beth is giving herself up to the Lord’s direction.  She doesn’t know where He will take her, or what He will ask her to do.  But she knows the God who brought her out of her former life, to a place she never would have come by herself, can only have good things in store for her.

*Name changed to protect privacy.