One Loss Becomes a Win

Brian receives a car from Wheels4Hope

When Brian* was in a car accident, he never realized how much it would affect every part of his life.

His car was totaled and without it, Brian couldn’t get to his graveyard shift. Getting rides from friends in the middle of the night was nearly impossible and although he tried to keep up with his work schedule, he lost his job within a few weeks.

“It was Christmastime,” Brian remembers. “There were really no jobs available at that time.”

With no money, no car and no income, things were looking bleak. Brian had no idea what he was going to do.

“A friend told me about the Mission when I was at a low point,” he says.

Brian came and explained his situation and asked for help. We welcomed him in to the Mission, got him started with classes and put him to work in the kitchen where he could gain more job skills and use the knowledge he already had.

“I really didn’t even know what the Mission was going to offer me. I thought they were just going to let me stay here. I didn’t think that actual assistance, to get you back on your feet, was going to be involved.”

The help he received to get back on his feet turned out to be a wonderful surprise for Brian.

By the time graduation day came around, nothing could wipe the smile off Brian’s face.

“I was so happy,” he says. “I felt so good. I looked back at what I learned from all those classes.”

All Brian’s hard work and focus on his classes here at the Mission paid off. He found another job and has been saving money. Through our partnership with a local non-profit, Wheels of Hope, he even got a car.

“I’m thinking more about the future right now,” Brian says. “Actually, to know that you have goals out there and stuff set for the future, that’s a good thing.”

If it weren’t for the Mission and friends like you, there’s no telling where Brian would be today. He could be out on the streets, he could be starving . . . there’s no way to know. What we do know is that your support makes a difference. Brian is proof!

“The only thing I can say is, ‘Thank you!’” he says.