Homelessness Didn’t Stop her


For 40 years, Brenda worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant, diligently taking care of others. But when the company she worked for unexpectedly went out of business, she was 60 years old, jobless and struggling to pay rent.

Brenda didn’t let hardships stand in her way – she figured out how to overcome them. She applied for temporary positions, and after being turned down numerous times, she found work with a construction company, directing traffic in the cold and rain.

Constantly being whipped by the elements took a toll on her health. Brenda’s arthritis got worse until the pain got so bad her doctor ordered her to stop working.

With no money to pay rent, she lost her home. Brenda had nowhere else to turn and was forced to live in her car for two months. Hitting rock bottom. Feeling hopeless.

Brenda prayed for the Lord to show her a place to go. God led her to Raleigh Rescue Mission, just in time for Thanksgiving.

Thanks to friends like you, Brenda was welcomed with a healthy meal, a safe place to sleep and loving support. Her client supports specialist found her a spot in our long-term program to help her get off the streets.

Brenda is a tough woman,” her client support specialist says. “She works for whatever she wants. . . and if she falls, then she goes at it stronger.”

Brenda is completing the program and using the new skills she’s learning to achieve her goals. She is looking for a part-time job, and hopes to find a place of her own to live with the Mission’s help. The training you provided gave her the confidence to not let anything stand in her way.

Hardworking people like Brenda are getting a second chance and the help they need because of you!