A Terrible Fall . . . An Amazing Comeback!

Felicia* thought getting married in her 50’s would be the start of the best part of her life. Her children were grown and she was glad not to be alone anymore, after 21 years of being single. But then, she discovered her new husband secretly owed $50,000 in back child support

His paychecks were being garnished, leaving just a bit more than $300 to help pay the rent. Barely making more than minimum wage herself, she was faced with having to not only provide for herself, but her husband as well.

Days after her disappointing one-year anniversary, she learned her father was dying in Atlanta. In a panic, she walked away from her job and jumped in her car, using part of the rent money for gas. Just 48 hours later, she called her husband to tell him her dad was gone. Instead of comfort, he told her the landlord was making them move out.

“When I got home, my husband made it easier for me to leave,” she said. “He already had my stuff packed up for me.”

In just 10 days, she buried her father, split up with her husband, and lost her job.

For the first time in her life, she was homeless. All she had left was her car.

During this time, she managed to find and start a new job at a donut shop. Each morning at 3 am, she cleaned up and changed clothes at a laundromat, arriving an hour later looking well groomed and ready to make donuts.

In the afternoons, the blazing heat of summer was unbearable.

Nights were even worse, with her driver’s side window often stuck in the rolled down position. “I was scared,” she said of this time. “One night I heard gunshots close by.”

Now Felicia has a safe place to sleep at the Mission and healthy food to eat. She attends church here in Raleigh. On the 29th of July last year, she gave her heart to Christ.

“Raleigh Rescue Mission is teaching me to live day by day,” she told us with gratitude. “They’ve taught me to leave the past behind and just look forward.”

*Name changed to protect privacy.