A Champion of Hope

Kim was only 18 when she gave birth to her precious daughter. Until that time, this confused teen endured abandonment from her biological family.

Now, as she held the treasure of new life in her arms, a wave of protective strength washed over the new mama.

Kim escaped her abusive surroundings and bounced from one perilous situation to another trying to create a safe home for her child. Without so much as a high school diploma, this desperate young woman found it very difficult to lift herself out of poverty. After months of struggle, two more children and other bad decisions, Kim was finally open to some godly direction. That’s when a friend told her about Raleigh Rescue Mission.

At first “I didn’t want to do it,” recalls Kim. It seemed humiliating to have to ask for help. But because her children’s survival was at stake, Kim swallowed her pride and whispered a prayer for strength . . .

Like so many other women who come to us for help, her past trauma made it impossible to focus on anything beyond survival. Now, with her oldest daughter making great progress in our W.E. Mangum Children’s Development Center and the other two in daycare, Kim has been working toward earning her high school diploma.

Even more exciting, this young mother has rediscovered the faith of her childhood by returning to a church she had not been in since she was 12 years old.

Kim has always dreamed of studying law. Having come through so much physical and emotional anguish, she hopes to eventually specialize in defending women in her same situation.

Though she had at first been shy about coming to Raleigh Rescue Mission, this transformed woman gives credit to such an encouraging atmosphere. “People here are like a family to me,” smiles Kim. “They tell me, ‘You can do it!’ and I believe I can. When I walk out of here, I know I have nothing to be ashamed of. I can hold my head high. I appreciate everything they’ve done for me.”