Ronald Johnson, a native North Carolinian, born and raised in Raleigh with over 30 years of culinary experience. Chef Johnson began baking at an early age at the coattail of his mother. His brothers and sisters would often beg him to make donuts from canned biscuits purchased from the neighborhood corner store. He and his wife owned and operated their own bakery business, Tasty Pastry, for several years before the revitalization of the historical North Hills Mall in Raleigh, NC.

Chef Johnson’s professional career has taken him to the great dairy state of Wisconsin, where his skills and expertise became cultivated with European baking styles and display techniques, along with an endless array of cheesecake options beyond the traditional and famous New York Cheesecake. He later returned back to NC and was blessed to further his craft in the private dining sector with employment at The Cardinal Club in downtown Raleigh; the George Watts Alumni Center at UNC Chapel Hill; and The Cedars of Chapel Hill. God later opened a door that allowed Chef to explore the non-profit industry which ultimately led him to his current position of Chef/Kitchen Manager at the Raleigh Rescue Mission.

His connection to the Raleigh Rescue Mission began many years prior to being an employee. He and his wife would donate baked goods from their bakery in N. Hills each night after closing. As a member of the Lincoln Park Holiness Church, Chef Johnson would mentor men from the Raleigh Rescue Mission that attended church services. He would also provide transportation to and from the Raleigh Rescue Mission. It comes as no surprise that his journey has led him back to a place where God’s purpose for his life is being fulfilled through service with the Raleigh Rescue Mission.

Chef Johnson has provided instructional classes to local businesses, church organizations and special demonstrations to surrounding universities and colleges. He has been awarded the Food and Beverage Team of Excellence Award through ClubCorp, the Excellence Award through the Cedars of Chapel Hill, and the Master Pastry Chef Award by Ammi Lodge in Chapel Hill/Carrboro, NC, along with numerous other awards and recognitions for excellence in the culinary arts.


Ron Johnson

Ron Johnson, Kitchen Manager/Chef
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