So sick, his shoes didn’t fit

Ericson shows that your compassion adds up to a life and death difference. He showed up at our door barefooted and in obvious distress.

“I blacked out and when I woke, I didn’t know how I got there,” he said of those final hours before coming to the Mission. “I couldn’t breathe and my feet were swelling up. I had to walk around in socks. I knew that I was about to check out.”

Our concerned nurse examined Ericson immediately. She discovered his oxygen levels were dangerously low. We rushed him to the hospital where doctors discovered fluid around his heart. A few more hours of exposure and his heart would have failed.

He’s only 50 years old!

Homelessness takes a toll on people’s bodies. They age much faster and tend to die decades sooner.

But thanks to friends like you, Ericson was given a second chance. And he appreciates it!

Last Thanksgiving, he helped make breakfast for nearly a hundred people in our shelter. He shared some of his wonderful memories of the holiday season:

“The food was abundant. They got us all presents on Christmas day, too. They kept the focus on Jesus. It was a really good experience.”

Today, Ericson is healthy, sober and joyful in his faith. He’s still working to get back on his feet, but knowing Jesus is giving him strength to keep going. He said:

“The most amazing thing that happened when I gave myself to Christ was I was forgiven. Ever since that moment, I’ve been at peace.”

Thank you for helping Ericson and so many others experience peace. You are truly Changing Lives HereTM!