Homelessness is just a season. It’s not who I am.

When winter turns to spring, we know that summer is coming. The seasons of the year are predictable. But the seasons of life are not.

You never know when you’ll lose your job, the doctor will give you a traumatizing diagnosis or a loved one will pass. Those seasons can come out of nowhere. That’s when supportive friends like you can make the biggest difference for people like Brian, Julie and Mandi.


You can help turn a season of unemployment and despair into a season of hope for someone like Brian.

A Season of Unemployment
Becomes a Season of Opportunity

Screech. Bam. Crunch.

Those are the sounds no one wants to hear.

Within moments, Brian’s* car was totaled. He was able to walk away, but without a car he had to ask his friends for rides to work. After a few weeks his friends got tired of getting him to his overnight shift.

Nowhere to Turn

When he couldn’t get to work reliably, his boss fired him and Brian found himself with no income and on the verge of being kicked out of his house.

“Oh man, I was at the lowest of the lows,” Brian remembers of the day he came to the Mission.

“I really didn’t even know what the Mission was going to offer me,” he said. “I didn’t realize actual assistance to get me back on my feet was going to be involved.”

A Fresh Start

That support did help Brian get back on his feet. Today he has a new job and a local non-profit organization gave him a car!

“The only thing I can say is, ‘Thank you!’” Brian says.

You can turn a season of illness and pain into a season of hope for someone like Julie.

From a Season of Illness
to a Season of Strength

The only thing that kept Julie* upright when she first walked into the Mission was her cane. Diabetes and heart problems had weakened her health, and sleeping on friend’s couches and park benches only made it worse.

“The doctors had given up on me,” she said. “They told me I would be dead by Christmas day.”

Never Give Up

But people at the Mission wouldn’t give up on Julie. She was welcomed into the program with open arms. Her case manager stuck with her as she was in and out of the hospital and continued to work through the stages of her program.

“I went to a whole lot of classes,” Julie says. “I learned there was a whole lot of stuff I didn’t know how to do.”

As Julie’s body and mind got stronger, her faith grew.

“It took my faith to another level,” she says of her time at the Mission.

A New Season

Today, more than a year after doctors told her she would be dead, Julie has graduated from Raleigh Rescue Mission’s Program. She is living on her own and her cane sits in the corner of her apartment. Even though she doesn’t need it, she keeps it as a reminder of how far she’s come.

Things could have gone much differently if friends like you hadn’t made it possible for her to get the help and support she needed to walk into the next healthier, hope-filled season of her life.

You can turn a season of abuse into a season of hope for someone like Mandi.

A Season of Abuse
Becomes a Season of Safety

When Mandi’s* mom introduced her to her soon to be stepfather, Mandi had a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach. Her mom brushed it off and married him anyway.

For the next several years, Mandi’s stepfather abused her and her brothers. A pattern was set in motion. Years later, when she was an adult, Mandi was abused again — this time by her own husband.

Courage to Escape

Finally, she got the courage to leave. Mandi had no savings, no job, nothing. She just knew she had to get out.

“I had been praying to get out from under the abuse of my husband.” Mandi says.

Homeless and alone, Mandi heard about Raleigh Rescue Mission and knocked on our door for help.

The programs at the Mission not only helped her get back on her feet, but also changed her whole mindset.

“I’m changed now. I’m working on trying to keep positive. It’s hard when all you know is negative,” she says.

Changing the Season for Others

“The Mission helped me realize God didn’t turn His back on me,” Mandi shared.

Now she wants to help others see that, too. Using her own pain as a motivator to help others, Mandi is planning to finish her college degree and go on to become a Christian counselor.

*Names changed to protect privacy.

No One Should Walk Alone

We all have seasons in life. We experience ups and downs. Many of us are blessed to have the support of family, friends and a church community. Most of our homeless and hungry neighbors like Brian, Julie and Mandi don’t have that support.

They need us.

We can help pull them out of their despair and launch them into a season of hope.

Turn Despair into Hope

You can be there for someone who has nowhere else to turn. Will you help?

Each $35.16 provides 3 meals, a safe and warm bed, a hot shower, clean clothes and life-changing resources that can be the start of a season of hope for one person.