Larry C. Strickland

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Retired, Director City of Raleigh Inspections

Larry Strickland worked for the City of Raleigh for over 34 years before retiring in the spring of 2011. At the time of his retirement, he was the Director of the Raleigh Inspections Department. He was responsible for enforcement of the land use regulations and building and minimum housing codes, as well as plans review for permitting. He previously worked in the Raleigh Parks and Recreation and the Raleigh Planning Departments, before moving into the Raleigh Inspections Department in 1981, where he assumed ever greater responsibilities.  

Frances D. Bisby

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Assistant Secretary
Transportation Engineer,
NCDOT, Transportation Planning Branch

Frances Bisby is currently a Transportation Engineer and Coordinator for the Fayetteville Area Metropolitan Planning Organization within NCDOT's Transportation Planning Branch. She oversees the long-range, multimodal planning efforts for the Transportation Management Area and over 300,000 residents. She has 10 years of experience in traffic engineering and three years in long-range transportation planning.

Mahlon L. Aycock

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Mahlon L.
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Owner, Char-Grill Companies

Mahlon Aycock has been a Co-Owner and Operator of Char-Grill Restaurants, Inc for 38 years. He’s lived in the Raleigh Area since 1975 and graduated from Atlantic Christian College with a degree in Accounting. 

From Skid Row to CEO

After a flourishing 25-year career as a software engineer, he launched a wireless technology start-up.  Business was booming until the economy turned. 

“I spent eight days in a shelter. They kicked me out during the day. I went to the park or the library. I met guys who lived in the woods or on the streets."
               – Theo*, former software engineer and CEO of a technology start-up

Theo was a software engineer for 25 years. He raised a family in Charlotte, NC. Both his sons graduated from college. At the peak of his success, Theo started his own wireless technology company.

Business was booming . . . until the economy turned.

Salt & Lime Cabo Grill Fundraising Day

Event Times and Locations: 

Salt & Lime Cabo Grill
North Ridge Shopping Center
6006 Falls of Neuse Rd.
Wednesday, July 30

Wed, 07/30/2014 - 11:30am - 10:00pm

Come to Salt & Lime Cabo Grill for lunch and/or dinner on Wednesday, July 30 to benefit Raleigh Rescue Mission! Salt & Lime features Mexican dishes with a Baja California flavor and has been given a five star rating on Trip Advisor. If you've yet to try Salt & Lime - here is a great opportunity! Twenty percent of all proceeds from July 30 will be donated to Raleigh Rescue Mission. A great excuse to get some friends together for lunch or dinner! 

Tameka Reed

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Community Consultant
Community Development Banking for PNC Bank

Bill Kaack

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Vice President
Major Accounts for Wolters Kluwer Financial Services

Ben McLawhorn

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Risk Mitigation Services Manager
State of North Carolina - Office of the State Controller, Raleigh, North Carolina

Finding Hope In the Midst of Loss

“I lost my child, my marriage, my home . . .then I received an Easter miracle!” 

Losing her two-year-old son to illness left Teresa* broken. She buried him on Valentine’s Day. The grief was overwhelming and Teresa just shut down. Her husband coped with his pain by having an affair. Her marriage fell apart.  

Teresa told us that one day she came home from work “and there was a padlock on my door.” They had been evicted from their apartment and her husband had moved without her. 

She was homeless.

Changes to GED Exam Create Challenges for Homeless

The Mission needs the community's support to help students obtain their GED. 

Raleigh Rescue Mission has served as a GED training site in partnership with Wake Technical Community College for the past 20 years. In 2014, changes to the GED test administration made obtaining a GED more difficult and costly.

Three major changes to the new exam in North Carolina include more rigorous content based on the Common Core Standard, an increase in cost triple that of its predecessor and a test that is computer-based only.