October 3rd: Raleigh Rescue Mission Coat Drive

Event Times and Locations: 

Raleigh Rescue Mission Coat Drive
Saturday, October 3rd, 2015 - 8am-5pm
Raleigh Rescue Mission Store and Donation Center
4700 Capital Blvd., Raleigh, NC

Sat, 10/03/2015 - 8:00am - 5:00pm

Bring your new or gently used men's women's and children's coats, hats, scarves and boots to Raleigh Rescue Mission Store and Donation Center on October 3rd. Coats will be distributed to Raleigh Rescue Mission residents as well as our community outreach programs.

Join us in our retail store for Halloween themed fun, including trick-or-treating, crafts and games for kids. The store will be hosting its clothing "Stuff-a-Bag" sale. Buy a $5 or $10 bag from our resale store and stuff it full with as many clothing items as you can!

October 10th - 9am-4pm: A&J Automotive Flea Market

Sat, 10/10/2015 - 9:00am - 4:00pm

Want a fun way to support Raleigh Rescue Mission while shopping for great deals, enjoying crafts, food trucks, fun activities for kids and free car care mini clinics?

A Terrible Fall . . . An Amazing Comeback!

“I've been slapped down so many times I find it hard to have faith. Then I got saved . . . It was like I have learned my faith that I had forgotten. I’m learning who I am.”

Felicia* thought getting married in her 50’s would be the start of the best part of her life. Her children were grown and she was glad not to be alone anymore, after 21 years of being single. But then, she discovered her new husband secretly owed $50,000 in back child support.

His paychecks were being garnished, leaving just a bit more than $300 to help pay the rent. Barely making more than minimum wage herself, she was faced with having to not only provide for herself, but her husband as well.

Ending homelessness for two!

“They offered encouragement and accentuated the positives . . . and gave me a sense of direction and purpose.” – Cory

Cory was as miserable as anyone could be, homeless on the streets of Raleigh with a severe eye infection. When it became too painful to keep going, she sought treatment at Wake Medical Center. To fully recover, she couldn’t go back to sleeping on a bench or on the ground. She needed a safe, hygienic place to finish recovering. She needed good nutrition and she needed rest.

Even Pharmacy Techs Aren’t Immune to Homelessness

“Whatever you do, it's appreciated. The Mission can't function without you behind the scenes making things happen Thank you!” – Tangie

Tangie was a Pharmaceutical Tech, but lost her job due to a chronic illness. When her boyfriend kicked her out of the house to see another woman, she had no money and nowhere to go.

She was homeless for three long years . . . Three cold winters and three lonely holiday season she was out there by herself. She told us what it was like:

“I had to sleep behind a building. I would get a piece of cardboard, lay some clothing down or something like that. It would be straight up cold in the wintertime. It was hard.”

From drug dealing barber to tithing Christian

Martin* had a tough start in life. He was raised alone by his grandmother. Despite growing up in poverty without good role models, he was extremely athletic and excelled in sports. So as a young man, he tried out for the Cincinnati Reds. He was so good, that they invited him to come back. But he and his wife had just had a child and he decided to settle into a steady government job driving a truck instead. Money was tight.


Young and naïve, Martin deluded himself into thinking he could win a jackpot by gambling. Instead, he ended up deeply in debt, and exposed to the dark world of alcohol and drug addiction.

From time to time, Martin tried to get clean by starting a new life in a new career. As a barber, he found out that a haircut was just the right amount of time for an occasional drug deal. No matter what he did, his money went to drugs and he eventually lost everything.

“Life became a spiral down,” said Martin.

A mother’s love wins out

Wendy* is an example of how destructive addiction can be. Crack cocaine consumed her life to such a degree, that her mother had to adopt her oldest three children.

“I was not a functional person – at all,” she told us. “I couldn’t do anything.”

Then she faced having her three younger children placed in permanent care outside the family. Unless she turned her life around drastically and immediately, she would likely never see her babies again.

“That was my lowest point,” said Wendy. “If I had ended up without my kids, I would have really lost my mind.”

A cold wake up call

“Homelessness is the worst thing in the world. I have so much compassion for people who are homeless because I have experienced it.”

On a freezing cold winter night in Raleigh, Allison* was one of an estimated two-dozen women who were shivering outside, trying to survive. She walked around until 1:30 in the morning, when she stumbled on a piece of cardboard outside of a soup kitchen.

She was exhausted, it seemed like a safe place, and the cardboard promised a tiny sliver of warmth between her aching body and the cold hard ground. So she laid down.

Incredibly she fell asleep in that freezing cold. She might have died that night of hypothermia. Instead, she woke up to a man kicking her.

Raleigh Rescue Mission and Savory Spice Shop host “Pork out at Lafayette Village” this Saturday, July 18th

Twenty teams will compete for prizes and bragging rights – and we are pleased to announce that this year Raleigh Rescue Mission’s own team, Kirby Que ( lead by our own beloved Executive Chef, Chef Kirby), will join the competition!

All Proceeds will Benefit Raleigh Rescue Mission Programs to Serve The Homeless in Wake County.

"Pork Out at Lafayette Village" is a BBQ Contest and Festival to benefit Raleigh Rescue Mission. Join us on Saturday, July 18 from 11am to 4pm at Lafayette Village and feast on the best BBQ in the Triangle. Twenty teams will compete for prizes and bragging rights – and we are pleased to announce that this year Raleigh Rescue Mission’s own team, Kirby Que ( lead by our own beloved Executive Chef, Chef Kirby), will join the competition!

Prayers from the “Foxhole” of Homelessness

From having nothing to having Jesus. 

One of eight children, Justin* grew up understanding the importance of hard work by watching his father provide for the family as a master plumber. At age 13, he began helping his father after school, eventually learning the trade.

He went on to love his career as an adult, eventually saving up enough from his earnings to purchase a home. He also gave back to the community, volunteering with a local homeless ministry and with the fire disaster unit.