You Helped Me Learn the Basics!

Sharry sat in the midst of her family, breathing in the smell of her new grandbaby.  The conversation revolved around her sister’s teaching, her brother’s writing, her son’s growing family.  As Sharry listened, she prayed silently, “Help me God or let me die.”

Like her family, Sharry had a college education and had worked in corporate environments.  Nearing her fortieth birthday, she transferred to a position with her company in Atlanta.  There she took up a new habit — smoking reefer.  “From there I started smoking cocaine and then I was introduced to crack,” she recalls.

The next 10 years were a blur of good jobs lost, and estrangement from family and friends.  Then last July 4, still hungover from the previous night’s high, Sharry found herself surrounded by family and longing to be a doting grandmother to the baby in her arms.

Sharry joined Raleigh Rescue Mission’s Life Plan Program July 12, but admits, “I could be mean and hateful — nonchalant about the rules.  In fact, I’m surprised they let me stay.”

Three weeks later, her attitude began to change.  “I realized it was up to me to use the resources at the Mission to heal my body, mind and spirit.  I started to heal, though I didn’t notice at first.”

Sharry’s Life Plan counselors took her back to the basics, introducing her to Jesus Christ, addressing long-neglected medical issues and helping her find purpose and meaning in life.  “I was saved August 28 and baptized September 25,” she says.  “There were 17 residents and their children there, but the icing on the cake was to see six of the RRM women’s division staff there, too!”

In a recent letter to RRM Executive Director Lynn Daniell, Sharry writes, “I thought I would never make the transition necessary, or have enough faith and trust in God to make it through being homeless and drug addicted, but with the kind support and understanding [of] the women’s division staff, this journey has become meaningful and necessary.  I believe when people affect and contribute to changes in lives – [just] as our lives here are being changed – the mission statement of Raleigh Rescue Mission is being fulfilled.  God smiles on the women’s division staff and on their service to us.  I had to let you know how important their influence has been and, still is, to my life.”