Hidden Health Issue Uncovered After 13 Years

Jordan* was just 8 years old when he started looking for ways to escape from pains in his neck and back. He didn’t want his parents to worry about him, so he didn’t tell them what was happening.  As a way of coping, he began taking drugs. While still in elementary school, he was popping pills in the middle of class to get through the day.

By the time he was 16, Jordan had a serious addiction and began to try harder drugs. His solution to pain had now led to other problems. Jordan didn’t realize he was having seizures. Often they would happen at night. Sometimes he would wake up in a daze with his tongue chewed up and blood on his face. He would simply go into the bathroom, wash it off and go on with his day.

But as much as he hid from his parents, they tired of dealing with Jordan’s addiction to drugs and told him he was no longer welcome at home. So he began living with a girlfriend. When a seizure took hold of him one night, the terrified girl phoned her mother for help. They rushed him to the hospital and that’s when Jordan began to learn about his health issues.

The seizures were probably brought on from using hard drugs. But in their exams, doctors discovered a more serious condition with his brainstem. It was likely the cause for the pain he’d felt for years.  With the new diagnosis, Jordan received medication and was referred to Raleigh Rescue Mission. Our medical clinic is able to monitor his condition to see if further treatment will be necessary. And through our recovery services, Jordan is on his way to a new and healthy life.  This young man is now working to complete his high school education. And best of all, Jordan is learning about his Savior.

*Name changed to protect his privacy