Helping Homeless Kids Feel at Home

Lakeshia came to us with three children in tow after she lost her job. Like so many of the dozens of moms we help each day, she was desperate and afraid.

Our first priority was to stabilize her and the children with food, showers, beds with clean sheets and a loving Christian environment.

Then we enrolled the kids in our preschool, and made sure they had plenty to do while Lakeshia attended our vocational, life-skills and faith-building classes.

Lakeshia was amazed at how happy her kids were here.

“The Mission was an opportunity for my children to feel safe,” she said. “Honestly, they never knew they were in a shelter.”

It was a tough time for this homeless mother, but a happy time for her children. That allowed her to stay focused, find a job, and save up for a place of her own. This Thanksgiving, they can celebrate around their own kitchen table. That means a lot to Lakeshia.

“Raleigh Rescue Mission gave me an opportunity to make a better life for my kids,” she said. “Not only do I have the Mission as a family now I also have a spiritual connection that I never had before.”