From serving others to being served by YOU

Thomas isn’t someone you’d expect to be on the receiving end of help. He’s used to helping others. In fact, he helped run a men’s shelter for around 25 years.

He saw the hardship, pain and despair that homelessness causes. But Thomas was always focused on helping the person. He understands that being homeless doesn’t define a person. It’s just a season. He just never expected to go through that season himself.

“I went through some hardships,” he says, putting it mildly.

Thomas and his wife were having problems, and then he had a heart attack, which required surgery.

“I went home and my wife had taken everything,” he remembers. “It was just too much for me. I needed a place to escape. Raleigh Rescue Mission opened their arms for me.”

Even though Thomas struggled with needing the kind of help he used to offer to others, he’s grateful for the love and care he’s received at the Mission.

“I learned so much about the Bible by being here,” he says.

Thomas has also learned even more about ministering to people who are walking through a season of despair, hunger or homelessness. He doesn’t want any of his experiences to go to waste.

“I’m glad that God can use me for an instrument to show other folks that they can fall and that He’s there for them, too. He loves us all,” Thomas says.

There’s no telling where Thomas would be if it weren’t for the Mission. He could be on the streets. He could be starving. He could have medical complications. He could be dead. Thanks to friends like you, he is alive, healthy and learning how to help others turn their seasons of despair into seasons of hope.

Stories like Thomas’s wouldn’t exist without your support. You are truly changing lives from the inside out!