Abandoned Mom Works Toward College Comeback


Shelly was juggling new motherhood while studying at Shaw University when her family dissolved overnight and left her destitute.

“He left me with the bills and no money,” she told us of the shocking day that she was left destitute with a two-year-old. Desperate, she dropped out of school and moved back in with her family. But her little son, Hunter, was at the age of knocking things down and breaking them.

“They asked us to leave,” said Shelly. “I was so scared because no one wanted us and we had no place to go.”

Like so many moms facing the crisis of homelessness for the first time, Shelly came through our doors hopeless and ashamed. With Hunter in tow, she dreaded a harsh reception. Instead, she was treated with kindness, given a good hot meal for her and her son, plus a chance to get a shower, change clothes and get a good night’s rest.

She quickly understood the opportunity she had here for a fresh start!

She hit the ground running, taking all of our life skills classes and then successfully found a job working in retail at the Triangle Town Center Mall. She did her chores at the Mission without complaining and attended Bible studies and chapel services, too.

“I pray every night,” she told us recently. “I’ve grown up a lot here. This program makes you a better person, and it makes you grateful.”

Last Easter, little Hunter enjoyed a traditional ham dinner, an Easter basket, egg hunt and a new toy here at the Mission. And that was also the first Easter that Shelly had Jesus in her heart!

“God must have sent me here,” Shelly says with emotion. “I had been relying on myself for too long, and I always let myself down.”

Now Shelly is planning to finish college and eventually find employment doing social work. Her time at the Mission has inspired her to help others going through difficult times.

YOU make the Mission possible so Shelly could have this new life. Thank you!

*Name changed to protect privacy.